7 Foods That Ruin Your Teeth

7 Foods That Ruin Your Teeth

It’s well known that sugar can rot your teeth, but many people don’t realize how many other foods are also harmful to dental health. This article discusses seven foods that may surprise you in their effects on tooth decay and gum disease.

1) Processed foods
Avoiding sugar and processed foods can help prevent tooth decay. Processed foods are often full of high fructose corn syrup, which has been shown to destroy enamel. Processed foods also contain phosphoric acid, which can also be damaging to teeth. At home, you should aim to avoid drinks like soda and fruit juice, as well as baked goods made with refined flour or other sweeteners that rot your teeth faster than natural ones do.

2) Sugar-coated cereal
It’s easy to forget how much sugar is in cereal, especially if you’re sticking to healthy brands. Often there are more grams of sugar than fiber per serving; so once you subtract fiber from total carbohydrates, what you have left is a ton of white-flour carbs with no nutritional value and absolutely nothing to combat tooth decay. Also check for added sugars like high fructose corn syrup or brown rice syrup as well as dried fruit.

3) White bread
White bread and rolls are basically just empty carbs. While these types of foods may leave you feeling full for a few minutes, they won’t keep you satisfied for long and may even encourage you to overeat later on in order to fill up that new emptiness in your stomach. Stick with whole-grain versions instead, which have more fiber and can help lower blood sugar levels. If you’re looking for something sweet, choose fruit over sugar-laden treats like candy bars or pastries.

4) Frozen treats
Ice cream, ice pops, frozen yogurt, shaved ice and frozen beverages have plenty of appealing qualities. They’re tasty, they’re inexpensive and they keep us cool in warm weather. However, these delightful treats can wreak havoc on our teeth if we don’t watch how often we indulge. Those who already have dental problems or bad habits should avoid frozen treats altogether. The cold temperature can cause teeth to crack when consumed too frequently or enjoyed for too long at a time.

5) Sodas and energy drinks
According to studies, sodas and energy drinks aren’t as bad for your teeth as you might think. This isn’t because these sugary beverages aren’t capable of causing decay; rather, it’s because your teeth are protected by an additional layer of enamel when exposed to acid. However, frequent sipping can still weaken your teeth over time. If you consume more than one soda a day, consider switching to water or a low-acid alternative such as tea.

6) Alcoholic beverages
Alcohol doesn’t just affect your mind, but also your mouth. It can dry out your teeth and make them more prone to cavities, as well as yellowing and discoloration. To avoid stains on your teeth, limit yourself to no more than two drinks per day. These tips for healthy teeth will help keep them pearly white for life!

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