Myths About Braces You Should Know

If you’re an adult who suffers from misaligned teeth, you may be considering orthodontic treatment to help fix the problem. While braces are an excellent option, they aren’t without their drawbacks. To help you make the best decision, here are three common myths about braces that you should know before committing to orthodontic treatment.

1) Myth: Braces will hurt
False. In fact, in most cases, you’ll barely even notice your braces while they are on. Many patients say that their experience with braces was easier than expected and surprisingly painless, especially when compared to their experiences with dentures or other invasive dental procedures. Today’s modern materials make it possible for your orthodontist to help straighten your teeth in an incredibly comfortable way. They may not be entirely pain-free, but chances are you won’t have much of a problem at all!

2) Myth: You won’t be able to eat what you want
The truth is that, once your braces are placed, you’ll be expected to continue a healthy diet. Your dentist will likely give you a list of foods that are OK for you to eat and those that should be avoided. If your teeth are extremely malformed, it’s possible that certain foods might require special treatment.

3) Myth: Braces are ugly
There’s no doubt braces have a stigma to them—but they really don’t have to. Many orthodontists will offer clear or tooth-colored braces to match your natural teeth so you can maintain your smile while straightening your teeth. Still, if you do choose metal brackets over clear ones, there are many options for making them less noticeable. For example, many orthodontists use ceramic brackets rather than traditional steel brackets because they’re not as reflective and make your smile look more natural. And if you really want to go all out? Orthodontists now offer invisible aligners (aka Invisalign) that help straighten teeth without any unwanted metals or wires showing in your mouth at all!

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